International Winners
Best research project in Reproductive Genetics fields Hira-Mediated H3.3 Incorporation Is Required for DNA Replication and Ribosomal RNA Transcription in the Mouse Zygote
Best research project in Regenrative Medicine field In vivo DMD Gene Editing in Muscles and Muscle Stem Cells of Dystrophic Mice
Best research project in Embryology field Validation of Retinoic Acid as the Master Inducer of Meiosis in Fetal Germ Cells
Best research project in Biotechnology field High Efficient Genome Editing in Pigs for Making Human Disease Models
Best research project in Stem Cell Biology and Technology field Cis-regulatory roles of lncRNAs in Transcription Regulation and Stem Cell Differentiation
National Winners
Beneficial Application of Molecular Cytogenetics in Delineation of Chromosomal Abnormalities Involved in Male Infertility: From Rare to Care
Optimization of Domestic Animal Sperm Freezing Using Novel Plant-Origin Cryopreservation Media
Utilization of Pioglitazone as a Novel Approach to Increase the Colony Formation Efficiency of Individualized Human Pluripotent Stem Cells
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