In the first 20 RIRAs, the guidelines for candidate selection procedure were based on the submitted research articles. After two years of covid-19 pandemic, the RIRA scientific committee has decided to nominate the young principal investigators who work on multidisciplinary topics according to their recent publications and scientific history.

After the nominees are introduced by the scientific groups, the national and international referees make the jury process by evaluating their recent publications and scientific history, qualitatively in Likert scale according to these norms:
• Relevancy to the award subjects
• Creativity and innovation
• Methodology and research design
• Problem solving
• Applicability on human

Evaluation of the nominees by the juries is discussed in the board of juries and their decisions get approved by scientific board of the institute. Finally, international and national winners are selected and invited to present their researches in Royan twin congress on Reproductive Biomedicine and Stem Cell Biology and Technology which is held almost in August/September every year and receive their prizes in prize award ceremony.

Note: It is obligatory for the winners to attend the ceremony and present their research articles in the congress.
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