Research projects can lead to several papers or maybe only one paper. Additional papers should be relevant to the main project and you have to be one of the authors of each paper. Unrelated articles will be ignored, so please do not attach any unrelated papers.

The Scope of Subjects:
The research topics may fall within the following scope: 1- Reproductive Biomedicine: Male & Female infertility, Embryology, Reproductive Endocrinology, Infertility Physiology and Immunology, Reproductive Biology, Reproductive Imaging and Reproductive Health. 2- Stem Cell Biology and Technology: Biology, Differentiation and Preservation, Signaling, Niche, Plasticity, Transplantation and Therapy, Gene Therapy and Manipulation and Cancer Stem Cells.

 Online Submission:
 All research projects should be submitted online . It is needed to register and get a username and password by which you can login to this site and submit your project(s) in the  award. (Papers and projects sent by email or after submission deadline will be ignored).

The submission procedure requires following documents:
 1- Project abstract
 2- Full paper(s) in PDF format
 3- Your new color photo in JPG format (300*400) pixels portrait
 4- CV
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