International Winners
Best research project in Reproductive Genetics/Andrology fields
Male Genome Programming, Infertility and Cancer
Best research project in Female Infertility field
New Steps Towards the Artificial Ovary
Best research project in Embryology / Biotechnology field
Transcriptome Dynamics of Human and Mouse Preimplantation Embryos Revealed by Single cell RNA-sequencing
Best research project in Ethics field
Towards the Transparent Embryo? Dynamics and Ethics of Comprehensive Preimplantation Genetic Screening
Best research project in Regenerative Medicine field
Role of Endogenous Neural Pecursor Cells in Multiple Sclerosis
National Winners
Optimal Strategy toward Fertility Preservation: In Vivo and In Vitro Post-thaw Options in Gamete, Embryo and Ovarian Tissue Cryostorage
The Augmented BMP Pluripotency Pathway via TGF-? Suppression Maintains the Ground State of Embryonic Stem Cells self-renewal
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