International Winners
Novel Approaches to Ovulation Induction: The Critical Role of Luteinizing Hormone Activity in Regulating Folliculogenesis
Influence of Histone-Protmine-Exchange on Male Infertility
Chromosomal Investigations in Human Gametes: Study of the Interchromosomal Effect in Sperm of Chromosomal Rearrangement Carriers and Mechanisms of Non Disjunction in Oocytes
The Effect of High Estradiol Levels on Endometrial Development in Assisted Reproduction Technology: Evaluation of Sonographic Doppler Haemodynamic and Morphometric Parameters
Transplantation of Intact Frozen-Thawed Mammalian Ovary with Vascular Anastomosis: A Novel Approach
National Winners
Laparoscopic Salpingoovolysis. Is There Any Place for Second Look Laparoscopy
Laser Assisted Hatching in Young Women Significantly Increases Pregnancy and Implantation Rates
Morphological Evidence for the Implantation Window in Human Luminal Endometrium
Special Winner in Reproductive Health
Embryo Donation-Outcome & Attitude Among Embryo Donors & Recipient
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