International Winners
Long Term Effect of In Vitro Culture of Mouse Embryos with Serum on mRNA Expression of Imprinting Genes, Development and Behavior
Reactive Oxygen Species and "Male Factor" of Infertility
Glucose Transporter Proteins (GLUT) in Human Endometrial-Expression, Regulation and Function Through out the Menstrual Cycle and in Early Pregnancy
Human Male Gamete Quality: Place of Aromatase and Estrogens
A Novel Maternal Effect Gene, Oogenesin: Involvement in Zygotic Gene Activation and Early Embryonic Development in the Mouse
National Winners
Catsper Gene Expression in Postnatal Development of Mouse Testis and in Subfertile Men with Deficient Sperm Motility
Restoration of Spermatogenesis by Adenoviral Gene Transfer into Injured Spinal Cords of Rats
Ultrastructural, Histochemical and Morphometric Studies of Mouse Reproductive Tract after Ovarian Induction
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