International Winners
Best research project in stem cell field
Human Embryonic Stem Cells As A Tool Of Discovery
Best research project in reproductive genetics field
Structural, Functional and Molecular Aspects of Follicle Stimulating Hormone Receptor: Applications in Designing Receptor Targets and Management of Female Infertility
Best research project infemale infertility field
Uterine Doppler Investigations And Trophoblast Biology In Early Pregnancy
Best research project infemale infertility field
Laparoscopic Metroplasty In Bicornuate And Didelphic Uterus
Best research project inembryology field
Nuclear And Cytoplasmic Maturation Of In Vitro Matured Human Oocytes After Temporary Nuclear Arrest By Phosphodiesterase 3-Inhibitor
Best research project in andrology field
Haplotype Analysis Of The Estrogen Receptor Alpha Gene In Male Genital And Reproductive Abnormalities
National Winners
The Molecular Mechanisms Controlling Embryonic Stem Cells (Escs) Proliferation And Differentiation
Characterizing Endothelial Cells Derived From The Murine Embryonic Stem Cell Line CCE
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